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Saturday, June 4, 2011

On the Road in Louisville

Sandee and her husband Anthony were visiting family in Louisville and went to see the Chiefs play the Bats every night they were there. I listened to the games on the radio when I could. On Wednesday night, the announcer spotted Anthony in the crowd. "There's a man in a Chiefs hat here," he said, sounding completely amazed. "All the way from Syracuse to Louisville. Maybe we can catch up with him later."

I texted Sandee and asked if they were sitting near the announce booth. She confirmed it, then later told me she'd waved to the announcer. I listened, but I never heard "the man in the Chiefs hat" mentioned again.

The Chiefs haven't won since Sandee took off for Louisville. Maybe when she and the Chiefs finally get home, and we're all in the ballpark together again, Sandee and I can cheer the Chiefs to victory!

Good news: Carlos Maldonado has been activated from the 7-day DL. Go Carlos!

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Sandee said...

Sitting in the stands of the beautiful Louisville Bats stadium sure felt like being a small frog in a large pond! There were quite a lot more fans in Louisville than we see in Syracuse. Consequently, I don't think the players could hear us screaming for them(however, Carlos acknowledged us with a wave and a smile - yay Carlos!!)

The stadium is ALL about baseball, clean and inviting. We were greeted by our favorite usher - MaryBeth - with her usual warm and welcoming personality and her southern drawl.

The weather was a little on the warm side ;) We enjoyed dollar hotdogs and cokes and thoroughly enjoyed our time there.

There were only a couple things that could have made the experience more pleasant...even one win would have helped (we came close, but sadly lost all four games). And no baseball buddy!!! Though she was there with me in spirit (and via text message during the games). Our usual "in stereo" cheering does make quite the impression in Syracuse. No doubt that everyone sitting close to us can't help but get caught up in the excitement of our chants and shouts of encouragement to the players! I think this because sometimes people have picked up and moved away from us so that we can have more room to do our thing ;)

Sadly, there were no notable quotes for me to post on Facebook, because truly it was all about the Bats.

But, hey! We're back in Syracuse now and Molly and I have been reunited, so let the cool kids reign again!!!! (notice I didn't say RAIN again)!

Let there be sun, let there be fun...
Let there be grins, let there be WINS!!