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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Small Things 1.0

Because this blog focuses on being at a ballgame instead of the ballgame itself, while the Chiefs are on the road we'll be posting about the little things we've noticed at the stadiums (yes, plural) over the years.

Sometimes children can be guest announcers for an inning or two. Several years ago, I heard my cousin's son, although I didn't know it until they thanked Nathan Compton after his shift. Didn't even know Kevin and family were at the park.

One night last week, the fans were treated to a good giggle when the young announcer told us Hay-HOOS Valdez was at bat. But no one corrected the kid, because in the next inning, he announced Hay-HOOS Flores was batting. It was so cute!

Little things add up to fun.

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