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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Home Again

I missed Saturday's double-header due to family celebrations, but I was back at the ballpark tonight. What a gorgeous night for a game. The early afternoon thunderstorms had me worried, but everything was wonderful come game time. Especially the win!

First Base Coach Cheer:
  • Michael Aubrey ignored us.
  • Tug Hulett waved back
  • so did Gregor Blanco
  • but not Jhonatan Solano (or as we said, Sola-NO!)
Scary moment of the game: when Chris Marrero fell rounding first.

Quote of the game: "That was a Lombardozzi Doozy."

Question of the game: Do you prefer the socks in or out? Indianapolis all wear theirs out, while most of the Chiefs wear theirs in. Michael Aubrey was the notable exception tonight.

They raffled off yet another camo jersey from last season. I've started meow-ing everytime someone wearing one walks by. You'd think they'd be out of the camo jerseys by now.

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