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Sunday, June 12, 2011

The Yankees Are In Town

The Scranton-Wilkes-Barre Yankees, that is.

Yesterday also turned out to be Longhouse Council BSA Night (among other promotions), so there were lots of people at the game. I was nearly T-boned trying to get to the parking lot because people were running the stop sign and not yielding right-of-way. I stopped my car and told the other driver that the stop sign meant she had to stop. Sheesh!

And people were, as usual, sitting wherever they wanted, regardless of the ticket they held. The Usher told several people to move out of reserve seats, but they wouldn't leave. Then when the season-ticket holder arrived, they merely moved over a couple of seats. I was telling Anthony the story and the two girls must have heard me because they spent a couple of innings glaring at me. I, of course, glared back. Then it started raining a little, and they left. Fair-weather fans. I have no use for them.

Enough complaining.

Okay, it rained for a couple of innings, but it was still a great night for a ball game. Ryan Zimmerman, 3rd baseman for the Washington Nationals, made his Syracuse Chiefs debut. He's down for rehab. He looked pretty darn good to me.
Ryan Zimmerman at bat

Ryan Zimmerman playing third

Ryan Zimmerman at first
Maybe some of the many fans were there to see Ryan.

The first base coaches for the night were Adam Fox, Chris McConnell, and Gregor Blanco.

Adam gave us a huge wave and grin.
Chris probably couldn't hear us.
Gregor heard us, but didn't realize he was supposed to smile and wave back at us. Next time, Gregor!

The oddity of the night: someone in the upper deck was blowing bubbles, which drifted over the stadium.

After the game, I spied a very short person in a Chiefs uniform in the dugout. So I hung out a few extra minutes, and sure enough, Adam Fox and his son emerged from the dugout to take batting practice. The Little Fox was wearing a pint-sized Chiefs uniform with his dad's number. It was so cute! And kudos to Adam for being a great Dad.

Fox Jr. & Sr. heading out to left field for batting practice

In their Chiefs uniforms
Batter up!
"Dad! Give me one over the plate!"
"Wild pitch!"

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