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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Rain, Rain: GO AWAY!!!!!!!!!!

First Pitch: 7:40PM
As Mike (the Assistant GM of the Chiefs) and I discussed yesterday, it's astounding how the Chief's at-home schedule and the forecast for rain have been perfectly aligned so far this season, starting with Opening Day.

Yesterday's game against Rochester started late. This is the photo I texted to Sandee so she'd know she wasn't missing any action while driving to the stadium.

Rochester games are always fun. There's a crew of Rochester fans who show up in Syracuse for every game, and they always sit in the same seats, near us, so it's almost like they're part of the community we've created. Also, one of our favorite Chiefs from last year, Chase Lambin, plays for Rochester this year. Seeing him play 3rd base again is interesting.

Before last night's game, AXA gave away scholarships to graduating high school seniors. X-Chromo's friend was a recipient, and she was there to cheer him on.

And YAY on Seth Bynum being back in the line-up (at short stop).

First base coach cheer: Tug Hulett heard us yelling, seemed startled by it, found us in the stands and waved.

Oddity of the night: During the 2nd (and final) rain delay, I looked up toward the luxury boxes and saw bubbles drifting into the rain.

Scariest moment of the night: Third inning. Jeff Frazier at bat. He swings and misses the ball, but hits the catcher in the head with his bat. At least, that's what it looked like to us. I could be wrong. The catcher needed several moments to recover.

Best inning:  Why, the third, of course. Not because an opponent was hit in the head with a bat, but because the Chiefs scored 6 runs, making the score 8-1. And the bases were loaded, with two outs, when the game went into rain delay. It was eventually suspended. Today's scheduled game is already a double-header due to a rainout earlier in the season. Last night's fireworks were also rained out. Perhaps they'll be rescheduled for tonight. (I took a photo of Sandee and Anthony from the third base side of the concourse. They were in their seats, umbrella up, trying to wait out the rain. Unfortunately, the photo is too dark to share here.) August 26th will now be a double-header due to all the Syracuse-Rochester rain issues.

Good fun 1: Yolanda Vega from the NYS Lottery was on hand, and between innings, she and Dave Anthony threw balls into the stands. Description of a prize package was taped to each ball. I caught one. We won scratch off tickets . . . I want to say $50 worth, but I could be totally wrong on that. When all was said and done, we won $9.

New things at the stadium: Bright red banners behind the net, for the Home Plate Club seats. They look great. Also, it looks like the Chief's scored a new graphics package for the scoreboard. I saw some different things last night. Lookin' good, Chiefs!!

Good fun 2: Sandee gave me presents: A small plastic bat filled with candy that we use as noise makers when our team does something awesome (lots of use in the bottom of the 3rd last night!); incredibly awesome flip flops to wear to games (when it doesn't rain).

Sandee (and Anthony) are very clever!

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