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Monday, June 13, 2011

Monday Musing

Another beautiful night at the ballpark. Chiefs lost. For a while, it looked as if the team would rally, but no such luck.

First base coach cheer: Jeff Frazier gave us a big smile and wave. YAY Jeff!

The Maven told us that yesterday's game is the best Chiefs game he's ever seen. He's been going to Chiefs games for 51 years. The most memorable game was a playoff game in 1969, but yesterday's game was the best.

Ballpark oddity: There's a man who walks by us during every game and flips the Maven a piece of candy.

Li'l Fox was out and about in his uniform toight. I didn't get a chance to snap a photo when he walked past me, but I did get one of him with the rest of his family. He's such a cutie!

Adam Fox's son in his Chiefs Uniform
 Dave Anthony, who does a lot of the in-game contest announcing, was in rare form tonight. When it came time for the NY Lotto contest, Dave had a lot of fun. The contestant's surname was Palin, so Dave introduced him as Sarah Palin's 1st husband. Then he asked him to sing the Powerball Theme Song. Too funny! Dave gave me permission to make up anything about him that I want to. Bwahahahaha.

On a final note, my friend Ellen Hartman's new book (MARRIED BY JUNE) is on sale now. I started reading it this morning, and came across the following sentence:

"So far, he'd read the Stations of the Cross, lit a candle for his grandmother, said a prayer that the Nationals would find a starting pitcher and, if it wasn't too much, a center fielder who could both catch and hit."

So I e-mailed her.

I started MARRIED BY JUNE before coming to work this morning. So far I'm loving
it, except the part where the hero is praying for a starting pitcher for the
Washington Nationals.
CHIEFS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (I know, I know, that's what the farm system is for).

Her response:

I didn't realize that was the farm team. I had to look up team lore about the Nationals because I didn't know who their rivals were or what the tenor of the hometown fan relationship was. I'd have worked in a Syracuse plug if I'd realized.
Ellen, Ellen, Ellen. I could have told you anything you want to know!


Ellen Hartman said...


What a wasted opportunity. I wish I'd realized the connection because I know you could have given me excellent details.

You know, I do have a whole book concept centered on a farm team from a small town. I'm going to be sending book proposals in later this year and my editor is a big baseball fan (Toronto). Maybe I'll dust that farm team story off and get your insights.

Hope you're enjoying the book. Your blog is very entertaining!

Anonymous said...

Ellen, I loved your book!

You should come up for a game -- it would be research for book, because Syracuse was the Toronto Blue Jays triple A team for decades. Their current home 'white' uniforms are a remnant of that era.

Anonymous said...

Isn't it odd that the only way I can respond to a post on my own blog is as ANONYMOUS?