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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Barking Gulls and Loons

I missed my first game of the season on Thursday. Education day. I'd thought about trading in my coupon for a ticket and taking the time off from work, but I had a lot going on this week during regular working hours and couldn't justify -- to myself -- more time off.

And I was late to Friday night's game. Not as late as I'd been the rest of the week, but late enough to miss Chris Marrero's 3-run homer. Sandee texted me about it as TV was parking the car. Then I ran into Suspect on my way to Section 207, and he told me all about it.

Chris: I'm sorry I missed it!

1st base coach waves for Friday, June 10: Adam Fox and Jesus Valdez!

One thing Sandee and I noticed the other night, and commented on it again last night: whoever was umping behind home plate sounded like a barking gull every time he called a strike. Even TV said something about it. But even more disconcerting was the person making loon calls somewhere in section 209. I mean, I felt like I was in ON GOLDEN POND or something. I was at a baseball game, not some lake resort in the Adirondacks.

Even though the Chiefs lost, they play a very competitive game against the Louisville Bats last night. It was a good game.  Now bring on the SWB Yankees!

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