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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Baseball, Romance, and Stadium Etiquette

Baseball and romance go hand-in-hand. Think Bull Durham, or to a lesser extent, The Natural. My first date with TV Stevie was a Columbus Clippers @ Syracuse Chiefs game back when the Clippers were still the Yankees' Triple A team and the games were played in MacArthur Stadium. A baseball game is much more conducive to getting acquainted with someone than a movie. You shouldn't converse during a movie. Baseball is made for talking.

So I'm not anti-romance at baseball games. However, there's a certain decorum that should be observed. Sandee mentioned a butt-pinch she saw the other night. You're in a stadium with hundreds, if not thousands of other people. Did you really think no one would see?

Then there's the story of the BIGS.  Ew.

When I arrived at the stadium, someone was sitting in Sandee's seats. We struck up a conversation, and I mentioned they were sitting in a season ticket holder's seat. They very nicely moved. A few minutes later, another couple arrived and sat on the opposite side of Sandee's seat. It very well could be that they bought those seats. I texted Sandee to warn her, though, because this couple was big. I mean, they couldn't-fit-in- the-seats big. When we're packed that closely together, it gets uncomfortable. While I was waiting for Sandee to arrive, I glanced over at the couple, and he was running his hand up the inside of her thigh. I mean, UP the INSIDE of her thigh. Ew! Ew! Ew!

People! Really!

So yes, be romantic at the stadium, but keep your hands to yourself.

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