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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Sunday Afternoon With the (SWB) Yankees

Another very competitive game, although the Chiefs weren't able to pull off this one. It was an exciting 9th inning, tying run on base, winning run at the plate. Great baseball.

The First Base Coach Cheer:
  • Adam Fox -- a little wave
  • Tug Hulett -- a smile
  • Jesus Flores -- talking to players in the vistors dugout
Oddities of the Day:
  • the woman walking by us with a tray filled with condiments. Nothing else. Just ketchup & mustard.
  • Pena (Hassan) pitching against Pena (Ramiro), followed a couple of innings later by Flores (Randy) pitching against Flores (Jesus).  (Maven called out, "Come on Pena!", so I asked him, "Which one?")
  • Cheering when the 1st base coach and the batter have the same first name: Chris Marrero and Chris McConnell (last night); Jesus Valdez and Jesus Flores (today).
Annoyance of the Day:
  • The Ballot box for the voting for the Player of the Game was gone when Anthony went to cast our votes, around the seventh or eighth inning. A friend of ours asked, "What if someone who wasn't in the starting line up comes in and hits a grand slam to win the game?" A very good question! And the scenario came true -- okay, no grand slam, but still -- in the ninth inning. Tug Hulett and Jesus Flores, neither of whom were in the starting line ups, came in during the ninth and made signficant contributions to the game. But could we vote for them as Player of the Game? Nope.
Pleasant surprise:
  • Carlos Maldando played today. Go Carlos!

Carlos at bat

Carlos Maldonado ready for 1st game pitch

"Grizz" from 30 Rock was on hand for the National Kidney Foundation.
"Grizz" throws out first pitch
Kei Igawa was the Yankees' starting pitcher. When his name was announced, there was a collective gasp throughout the stadium.
Kei Igawa

For the third game in a row, the Chiefs are raffling off a jersey from last year's Armed Forces Day. While I am all in favor of US Armed Forces, I don't like the jersey. I've been trying for two season to win a pink one (Breast Cancer Awareness). It seems like they have a lot of Armed Forces ones. (This year's Armed Forces jersey is also the Memorial Day and Independence Day jersey, and is much nicer than last year, altho' TV claims it looks like an Astros jersey).

Camo or used cat litter?

Two former co-workers have told me that they're reading this blog! YaY Kevin and "Flanders"!

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