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Thursday, June 21, 2012

We Should Have Had Our Brooms

Another muggy night at ABS; I longed for these nights back in April when I was in so many layers of clothes I couldn't move.

Koyie Hill was last night's player of the game -- and that's where Sandee & I cast our votes!

Steve Lombardozzi's Throwback Thursday Jersey was raffled off tonight.

Lars Anderson got everyone in the stadium a taco. Thanks, Lars

Item of note: The Pawsox catcher was throwing T-shirts into the stands during the Dunkin' Donut T-Shirt Toss. How cool was that?

Brett Carroll's at-bat music is almost as bad as Corey Brown's.

The Racing Presidents were on video -- doing the macarena. Too funny.

During the 8th inning, someone behind us kept calling for Durkin, who retired. No more $1 ice cream sandwiches in the stands on hot nights.

The Chiefs won, 3-1, sweeping the Pawtucket Red Sox.

Random thought: life is too short and so is baseball season. Enjoy the moment.

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