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Sunday, June 24, 2012

This makes 7 straight wins!

They did it again!  Gotta love those Chiefs :)

Let me start with a correction:  last blog I wrote that the Cheif's were over 500 for the first time this season - fact is, they are over 500 for the first time since April 14th. 

Upon our arrival, there was almost no one in our section, yet there were three guys sitting in the row right behind us.  Going in, we knew we would have to wipe the rain off our seats, so of course I came armed with the necessary tools for the job.  Not only was my chair wet from the rain, it was covered with peanut shells from the guy sitting right behind my seat.  He suggested that I didn't have to sit there (and he would be WHO to tell me where I might or might not sit??).  I informed him that it was MY seat and there would be other people coming for the other seats.  Then he said he felt bad about the shells and I replied with, well you should!  Then, because I'm nice, I kinda chuckled AS I WIPED THE SHELLS FROM MY SEAT!  Maybe he and his buddies should have found a different seat.

Carlos Maldonado's jersery was raffled off tonight.  Anthony and I slapped some money down, thinking we could actually win it, since there were not very many people there.  But it wasn't meant to be.  I did get to touch it though ;)

Last time I wrote about Christian and Chris Marrero - could they be brothers?  My source tells me that, indeed they are!  And to make the story even better, they have a sister named Christine.  So that would be Christoper, Christian and Christine Marrero!!  Hey Chris!!!!!!!!! 

Good game again tonight - close there for awhile.  Henry Rodriguez (can we call him "H Rod") ?? came in again to close and it wasn't 1, 2, 3 like last night, but close enough. He got the job done, making it the 7th straight win for the Chiefs - their best run of the season.  

Cool fact:  On April 20, 1912 Boston's Fenway Park was opened.  It's the oldest ballpark still in operation. 

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