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Saturday, June 2, 2012

Memorial Day and Beyond

The Chiefs are on their last road trip for a while (try all of June). There have been changes. Tyler Moore is back with the team, and according to what I read on-line this morning, so is Corey Brown. There are new folks, too; names I don't recognize but that I'm sure I'll get to know as June progresses.

In the meantime, there was a Memorial Day game that I never recapped, so here it is.

The team wore their "Patriotic" Jerseys -- a brilliant move on the part of Chiefs' management last season. TV Stevie thinks these jerseys look like Houston Astros jerseys, and he's probably right. But they are generic enough to be worn Memorial Day, Independence Day, and Arm Forces Days.

The first thing I did, once I made my way past Scooch and Pops at the top of the stairs, was check the board for the previous evening's Player of the Game. Corey Brown (still). A neat trick since he hadn't played in that game.

We arrived late (middle of 1st) so I didn't bother scoring the game.
There was another line-up shake-up, but at least Mark Teahen was back at first and Carlos Rivero was back at third where they both belong.

One broken bat in the night -- Clippers Catcher Pagnozzi.

The Presidents were still in town; TV Stevie took lots more pics. I finally figured out how to tell Tom from George (besides the names on their jerseys): Thomas Jefferson has reddish hair and brown eyes, while George Washington has blue eyes and gray hair (although they both wear "powdered wigs". TV Stevie also pointed out to me that they were the Mount Rushmore presidents. Sometimes I'm really slow. Really, really slow. I was feeling quite clever when I'd decided Teddy was included with Washington, Jefferson, and Lincoln because he invented baseball's seventh inning stretch. Like I said: slow.

Other than the Presidents, the most amusing moment of the game was at the end of third, when Teahen struck out for the third out and the stadium announcer started to announce the next batter.

Sandee and I spent some time being amused by some of the outfits women wear to the games. Monday night was definitely horizontal stripe night. And trust me, some of those people should not have worn horizontal stripes.

The most obnoxious people at the game were a couple of rows behind us and loud-talkers. Especially the woman. That was bad enough, but they were Mets fans and kept insisting that if you're a Syracuse native, you're a Met fan. Clearly they were on crack or something. Everybody knows Syracuse natives are Yankee fans (unless they became baseball fans during the era in which the Chiefs were the Triple A affiliate of the Toronto Blue Jays, in which case they are to be excused for being Jays fans).

The Clippers have two players with awesome names (I adore awesome names): Gregorio Petit and Ezequiel Carrera.

Sandee & I decided to start calling Carlos Rivero simply Rivero, to differentiate between him and Carlos Maldonado, who is our "real" Carlos.

The famous Eric Cohen stopped by -- first time this season when TV Stevie has been around. He said something about, "I haven't forgotten the peons," at which point I reminded him that I am not a peon, I am a has-been, and there is a difference. Eric shared the broadcast booth speculation that the reason Corey Brown hadn't been in the line-up for two nights was that he was about to be called up (which turned out to be true.)

Observation: Seth Bynum looks mean in his screen photo.

Best part of the evening: middle of the 7th inning. The crowd sang God Bless America before Take Me Out to the Ballgame. Down front, right behind the dugout, this little teeny, tiny moppet with a head of corkscrew curls sang along -- and she knew all the lyrics.

In the middle of the 9th, the scoreboard now plays Bobby McFerrin's Don't Worry Be Happy. Or maybe that's only when the team is losing.

Either way, I like it. Happiness happens.

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