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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Two In a Row!

Chris Marrero played first base tonight. It's been a long time since we've seen him there. Looking good as he rehabs in Syracuse. We called out to him after he made a particularly good play and he grinned in our direction.

Koyie Hill made his debut behind the plate at ABS tonight. I heard through the grapevine that he wanted to sign with the Nationals organization because he had a decent chance of making it up to the majors. LOL! Say your catcherchism, Koyie.

The Chiefs led from the first inning -- Marrero hit an RBI single -- and never looked back. Final score: 4-3. The Pawsox are the best team in the IL -- not just the ILE, but the entire IL. Two down, two more games to go this home stand.

Ran into Alex Hassan's local connection on our way out of the stadium.

I'm about to step on my soap box for a moment:
Last night, Maven said he would not be at tonight's game. On Sunday, he told me he'd given tickets to a friend of his. We all watch out for each other in our Section 207 Heaven. So tonight, when TV Stevie and I arrived to find someone sitting in Maven's seats, we were suspicious. Our suspicions turned into irritation when they started rooting for the Pawsox. Fotunuately, they were savvy enough to realize they weren't welcome, and left in the middle of the first. When Maven showed up in the seventh inning, we asked him: they were interlopers.

If your ticket reads Section 300 General Admission, what gives you the right to sit in any section 200 seat? I pay good money for those seats. They are mine, not yours.

Finally, saw something cute. TV Stevie says he's seen it before, but I haven't. And I couldn't get a good picture, but the one I have conveys the message.

I love K-Daddy's jersey.

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