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Tuesday, June 5, 2012


Briefly. John Lannan pitched all 9 innings and gave up only 4 hits.

Corey Brown has hit 7HR in 8 of his last games with the Chiefs -- and 6 HR in each of his last 6 games at Alliance Bank Stadium.

Tyler Moore hit a homer tonight, too.

Eric Komatsu -- in his first game at ABS this season -- hit a grand slam.

Cory Van Allen and Rafael Martin are both in Harrisburg and Martin is on the restricted list.

Chris Marrero is rehabbing in Hagerstown.

Jeff Mandel is back in Syracuse.

Odd moment of the game (and I couldn't get to my camera on time):

A sea gull kept swooping around our area, then landed on the back of a seat about 4 rows from us. He looked around carefully, then hopped off the back of the seat to the ground. A minute or two later he zoomed up from the seats with a hotdog in his mouth. He took the hotdog to center field, where he proceeded to eat it.

Louisville Bats' 2nd Baseman watching gull eat hot dog.

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