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Thursday, June 7, 2012

June 7 recap

The Chiefs lost tonight. They were never really in the game.

Miscellaneous items of note:

The Bats first base coach in the first inning (Brian Peacock) was chewing gum and blowing bubbles. Blue as opposed to the pink that Jeff Howell chewed the previous evening.

The Taco Bell K-Man struck out in the first inning.

There was a player of the game for each of yesterday's games (the first time I've seen that!):
Negrych for the first game, Skelton for the second. And both deserved the designation.

Every time Louisville player Mike Constanzo came to bat a group of fans started calling, "Ri-co! Ri-co!" After about 7 innings of this, I asked on of them the significance. Apparently Constanzo looks like Rico Suave. Does anyone know who Rico Suave is?

Xavier Paul waved to us when he was coaching first base.

One of the "Rico" gang decided to dance on the top of the dugout with Scooch at the end of the 7th inning. This is a big no-no. Stadium security arrived when it was over. The kid immediately put up his hands. Clearly he knew what do do. He was escorted out of the stadium.

Silly comment overheard near the end of the game: "This is semi-pro baseball." (No folks, this is minor league professional baseball. Big difference.)

Play of the game:
(Corky Miller, the Louisville Catcher, is not a favorite of Sandee and Anthony (who've seen him play in Louisville), so I don't have much use for him either -- as a player. I'm sure he's a nice guy.)

Here's what the box score on the Chief's website says:

  • Corky Miller doubles (3) on a line drive to right fielder Brett Carroll. Felix Perez scores.
  • Sean Gallagher grounds into double play, catcher James Skelton to shortstop Seth Bynum. Corky Miller out at 2nd.

Here's what happened:  Corky was on second base, thinking about running to third when James Skelton made the out at the plate. But Corky didn't return to second. So Skelton ran from home plate to second base to tag Corky, who taunted James by waiting for him, then dashing toward second. Skelton just had a tiny flip to the SS to get Corky out.

I wish my camera had been handy. I've never seen anything like it.

Still to come: TV Stevie was at the stadium on business earlier in the day. He saw a lot of players who were all very friendly, all said hello to him. He took a bunch of photos he needs to send to me to post here.

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