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Monday, June 18, 2012

Chiefs Win!

What a night! Cool, breezy, and a win for the home team.

Heard a lot of rumors tonight, but nothing I can share yet.

We saw the new catcher, Jeremy Mayo, coaching first base. Sandee observed that if Mayo caught Maya, the announcers might have a difficult time.

Sandee's friend Gary was there tonight. The last time he was at a game was Thursday, when the Chiefs beat SWB 10 zip. Tonight's win was better, because there was actual competition. The final score was 11-7 Syracuse. Gary also made the astute observation that Sandee and I (and Anthony & TV Stevie, Maven, etc.) sit in 207 heaven.

Crazy Fan Man is stalking Anthony. He shook his hand tonight. Anthony fled to the rest room to wash his hands.

Level three behind us was filled with smoke from one of the food vendors. It smelled great, but at time the field got smoky, too.

The best inning: the bottom of the 7th, when Syracuse scored 5 runs.

Again, parents let little children dance with Pops on the roof of the visitors dug out. Frank from Security was right there to stop it.

Whoever was operating the scoreboard tonight was paying too much attention to being cute and not enough to what was going on. The counts were frequently behind. Runs weren't scored until several batters later. Granted, the cute was cute, but the scoreboard should deal with scores first, then cute.

Here is some of the cute:

Yeah, we didn't get it either.
TV Stevie had to look it up on his iPhone

The bald shot would have been funnier

The absolute best! This was really funny!

I don't get comparing one athlete to another.

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