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Thursday, June 14, 2012

10-Nothing: I Like It

The Chiefs won tonight, 10-zip. Zach Duke got the win. I voted for him as Player of the Game, too.

It was a pretty quiet night at the stadium. Not that many fans turned out, which was a shame, because the weather was lovely, there was a cooling breeze, and there was awesome baseball on the diamond.

It was National Kidney Foundation Night, so Sidney the Kidney threw out the first pitch.

Sidney the Kidney
Every time I tried to get a picture of Sidney, someone walked in front of me.

Syracuse is playing the Scranton Wilkes-Barre Yankees this weekend. The New York Yankees will be playing the Washington Nationals this weekend. We think that's kind of cool -- the Majors and the Triple A teams battling it out.

SWB is the home team all weekend, so the Chiefs wore their gray travel jerseys with the teal numbers. I like the black with teal much better.

The Famous Eric Cohen saw me sitting alone, so came down from the broadcast booth to keep me company for an inning or two. He's fascinated with the way I've started scoring the game in a real score book.

Corban Joseph (one of the SWB Yanks) should have his photo on the scoreboard retaken. He looks exactly like Ellen DeGeneris. I pointed it out to Maven, who agreed.

Former Chief Matt Antonelli is with the SWB Yankees now, altho' he's on the DL. He did coach first base from the 6th inning on.

Former Chief Matt Antonelli flipping his
helmet during a pitching change.
I called out and waved to him several times, but he ignored me.

Tanner Roark (usually a starting pitcher) pitched one relief inning tonight. Maven and I speculated what this means: was it just his turn to throw in the bull pen so they decided to use him, or has he lost his spot in the rotation. If the latter is the case, could it be Eric Arneson will be getting a shot at being a starter?

It's very weird being the visiting team in our own stadium. We're so used to not having to play the bottom of the ninth when we're ahead, that it's discombobulating when we have to play it as visitors. 

So why weren't you at the ball park tonight?

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