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Saturday, June 16, 2012

Extra Innings in Triple A, Too

Another perfect night for the perfect pastime. Scranton Wilkes-Barre is still in town, pretending to be home.

 Matt Antonelli was interviewed on the big screen before the game. Jason Benetti asked him what it was like to be homeless. Matt responded that he's living out of his car. His trunk is full, his backseat is full, and yeah, the hotels are nice, but he's living out of his car. What an awful thing for all of those players. I hadn't considered that they aren't in housing in Scranton.
Voice of the Chiefs Jason Benetti interviews former Chief
Matt Antonelli for the big screen.

The jersey raffle was for Boomer Whiting's Throw Back Thursday. We opted out.

Tonight was Ladies Night, which was very nice, but the time is odd: tomorrow is Father's Day. There's not much going on for dad's, yet there was a lot for the women tonight.

Welcome on the big screen.

TV Stevie bought me a very cool sweatshirt.

Noella "Pinky" Leduc was at the game signing autographs. The GPBL will hold their reunion in Syracuse this year, in September. I think I'd like to go to that.
"Pinky" Leduc waves to fans.
Speaking of autographs, Jeremy Mayo, the newest catcher, was in the Whistlestop signing autographs before tonight's game. I was tempted to go in and ask him if he was afraid. 

The Chiefs lost again tonight, but it took ten full innings for them to do so. Mark Teahen should probably be Player of the Game, but I didn't vote. 

Things I noticed at the park:
Austin Bibens-Dirkx coaching 1B

Too many tats

An interesting couple.
Madras shorts. All over the place. 

Odd moment of the evening: Bottom of the 9th, score tied, SWB coming to bat (they're the home team, remember) and the Big Screen plays all the vids they've put together to whip up the fans. Huh? Wrong team, guys!

And finally: I didn't sit in my usual seat tonight -- TV Stevie & I swapped spots. I saw something I'd never noticed before. The question is: why hasn't the county --yes, they own the stadium -- fixed it?
A stitch in time etc.

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