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Friday, July 29, 2011

Why Is It Called "Common" Courtesy?

The third consecutive night of thrilling baseball was marred by the incredible rudeness of the jerks sitting several rows behind us.

They were banging the seats -- county property -- very loudly. TV Stevie asked them not to do that. The guy was cool, the girl was a foul-mouthed slut. And they were sitting in seats for which we had purchased the tickets. TV Stevie dubbed them the Squatters. Totally obnoxious group of young people who should have been booted from the stadium.  The girl -- I won't dignify her with the term "woman", which would imply a level of maturity she did not possess -- is the type who beats up other girls in the high school bathroom. You know. The one with the tramp stamp prominently on display. The f-bombs were flying. And they had a child with them! It went on all night. I told TV Stevie we should have gotten security and had them ejected from the seats.

Other than this -- which is not insignificant -- tonight was another night of awesome baseball.

Valbuena's pants are still torn
Tom Milone was the starting pitcher.

Valbuena's pants were still torn.

The third inning was quite interesting. The umps called a foul ball a home run. Milone protested. Manager Randy Knorr protested. The whole stadium protested. Knorr was ejected from the game. Now, I didn't see this next part, but Suspect told me Milone was so upset, he threw one ball inside the foul pole and told the ump that was fair, then threw another ball outside the foul pole and told the ump that was foul. The ump told Milone he was done (I saw that.)

K-Daddy with his Eye Chart for the Umps
Jersey Raffle: Throwback Thursday

Quote of the Game:  "They're from Ohio! Come on!"

First Base Coach Wave:
  • Chris Marrero nodded and seemed surprised (it's the first time he's coached first that I've seen, as he's usually playing first.)
  • Seth Bynum pointed to us to acknowledge us.
  • Brad Peacock ignored us. Maybe he's hanging out with Lombardozzi & Brown too much. Brad, I blogged nice things about you last night!
Warm & Fuzzy Moment: When Carlos came out at the bottom of the 1st to help warm up Milone, he waved to us. He knows we're his fans.

Moment of Zen: Clippers pitcher was Zach; Chiefs pitcher was Zech.

Cool New Thing: When Steve Lombardozzi came to bat in a critical situation, the scoreboard lit up with a new chant: LOM-BO, LOM-BO (like TA-CO).

Spent time with Eric Cohen (WAER) and Bill DeLapp (SNT).
Eric Cohen, WAER-FM88

Bill DeLapp, Syracuse New Times

The ballpark is our community. When I missed the starting line-ups tonight, the Usher went to K-Daddy and asked if he'd share with me. And K-Daddy shared. He does exactly what I do: writes the starting line-ups in a note book.

The Chiefs were down 5-2. They scored a run in the seventh. Then they pulled ahead by a run in the 8th inning. Very thrilling. Lots of opportunities for the Squatters to be jerks. Then the Squatters were incredibly rude to Atahualpa Severino in the 9th. Okay, he walked three batters and filled the bases, but hey, he got out of it just fine when the next batter grounded out for the third out. It was tense, but there was no need for some of the filth flying out of some of the mouths.

It bothers me when people come in and think they can say anything they want because "you're at a baseball game, old man, so just f*****g chill and f*****g enjoy it."

Like the Squatters. They were rude to the other team, too. There's a difference between heckling and being a jerk. Suspect is an excellent heckler. He heckles, he doesn't get mean, or personal, or nasty, or vicious, or vulgar, or foul-mouthed. The things coming out of the Squatters' mouths were appalling. "How'd you get such a f-bombing fat @$$?" they called to a Clipper who was at bat. It was a constant stream of insults. Someone should have taken out the trash tonight.

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