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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Skychiefs vs. Chiefs

Molly was right about the lethargic-ness tonight. Last night offered some more action.

Papertowel Head was in the stands sans paper towel hat - I guess the temperature was cool enough for her. (If you remember, we posted before about the woman who made a hat out of the paper towels in the ladies room and wore it on her head about a month ago).

So the highlight I think was the boistrious fan cheering for the "Skychiefs" (as you may or may not know, the team hasn't been called Skychiefs for about 4 years now). So the b-fan had a good set of lungs and kept belting out "Let's Go Skychiefs!!!" A season ticket holder that sits in the row behind us, yelled "Chiefs" after every skychiefs that was shouted out. After this went on for some time, Mike (Chief's Staff) got up, walked over toward the b-fan and informed him "it's JUST Chiefs, not skychiefs, it hasn't been Skychiefs for about 4 years." B-fan chuckled, embarrassed like, and said simply "oh." As Mike walked back to his seat I heard him say "What we deal with..."

Crazy Fan-Man was there in full form last night. Somehow he seems to appear only towards the end of the game - at least we don't usually hear from him until later in the evening. He must have been paying careful attention to the Skychiefs vs Chiefs business, because he started screaming (with his hands cupped around his mouth) "Go Skychiefs! Hit it to the Sky!!!" over and over and over! He is, incidentally, the same man I have quoted several times on my facebook page. He is famous for "Ball High Man, Ball High!!" This usually comes about 60 seconds or so after the ball is thrown and the pitch has been called.

Suspect has been out of town, so things are quieter. Hopefully he will be back to join us tomorrow.

The game just isn't the same without Molly there. She was watching the game on TV, so she knew what I was talking about when I texted her about the game happenings. We started that little tradition when Anthony and I went to Louisville to see the Chiefs play the bats.

Another home game tomorrow - Irish Night - hopefully we'll have the Luck of the Irish and we can get a win!!

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