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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Wednesday's Breast Cancer Awareness Double-Header

Billy Baldwin poses with Molly
Wednesday night was Breast Cancer Awareness Night. Billy Baldwin was in town, because the Carol Baldwin Breast Cancer Research Fund was the sponsor of last night's game, which turned into a double-header due to Monday night's rainout. Billy was very gracious, taking the time to pose with anyone who asked, and signing autographs.

I missed the first game due to a dayjob conflict. TV Stevie and I arrived at the stadium during the 2nd inning of the second game.

Everyone who worked in the stadium wore pink. And the team wore their new, very cool black and pink shirts. Gregor Blanco used a pink bat, and Jhonatan Solano wore pink cleats.
Blanco using pink bat
Solano wearing pink cleats

It was a crazy night at the stadium.

We got Jason Botts to wave to us again as he strolled in from left field. He also hit a home run, which we thought he shouldn't have done, as he is no longer a Syracuse Chief.

First base coach wave:
(we missed a lot because so many things were going on)
  • Corey Brown dissed us again. We probably won't cheer for him anymore, even when he makes those awesome catches in center field.
  • Tug Hulett smiled and acknowledged us.
  • Michael Aubrey probably didn't hear us.
Jersey Raffle: Throw back Thursday from last season

Funny business: Sandee saw some funny business going on while Corey Brown was being interviewed between games. I saw a continuation after the 2nd game. More on this later. Let's just say Steve Lombardozzi was very, very wet.

Disgusting thing of the game: We see a lot of disgusting things, but last night was just a travesty. Rumor has it the culprits were fans of the Binghamton Mets in town to see the Buffalo Bisons play. I have no way of confirming this rumor. Regardless of who you were cheering for, SHAME ON YOU!

You couldn't pick up your trash when you left???????

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