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Friday, July 29, 2011

And It's One, Two, Three Strikes, You're Out . . .

The Columbus Clippers may have the best record in all of the the International League, but our Syracuse Chiefs beat 'em again tonight, three zip. That's three of four games this homestand. It was a fun game.

The fourth man at bat, former NY Yankee Shelley Duncan, thought he drew a walk, but the ump called him out. Shelley took exception to the call. Extreme exception. The ump took exception to Shelley and ejected him. Moments later, the ump also tossed the Clippers manager.

Because of the rain earlier in the day, the field was slippery, and at least three Clippers lost their footing on the wet grass, enabling the Chiefs to run the bases.

USA Today Best-Selling Author Gayle Callen
After all the excitement in the first inning, things settled down.

Local author Gayle Callen stopped by to say hello.

Pants and jersey don't match
 We noticed that Clipper #38's pants and jersey were two distinctly different shades of gray.

 And poor Valbuena is still wearing torn pants.
Valbuena's torn pants

Jersey Raffle: Throw-back Thursday

First base coach wave:
  • Tug Hulett ignored us in the first, then gave a half-hearted, "oh-do-I-have-to" wave in the second.
  • Innings 4 - 7 was our good friend Corey Brown. He heard us. He even heard me say, "Come on, wave!" Dissed.
  • Tug was back for the 8th and there was no 9th, because the score was 3-0 Chiefs.
Line of the night: Came from a Clipper's fan, referring to Corey Brown: "It's your fault, first base coach!"

Exciting news of the night: The Nationals are sending Roger Bernadina back to Syracuse. I wonder how the Chiefs will make room for him on the roster. Maybe Corey Brown is wondering the same thing.

Curiosity of the night: Maven was no where to be seen. Even if he sits on the 3rd base side out of the heat or the rain, when things turn "normal" he comes home to Section 207. No one sighted him at the stadium tonight.

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