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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Wang, Bix, Extra Innings

Chien Ming Wang
Last night's game against Buffalo was postponed until tomorrow night.

Former Yankee and current Nationals pitcher Chien Ming Wang pitched for Syracuse tonight.  There was quite a crowd on hand. And because the Chiefs played the Bisons, we were treated to Wang at bat.
Wang at bat

Also, a favorite from last year, Brian Bixler, is back with the Chiefs, and he made some key plays tonight -- including a sac fly in the bottom of the 12th inning, which allowed Seth Bynum to score and end the game.

That's right. The game went 12 innings. But Maven said it best at the top of the 10th: this is what we dream about in January, sitting in the ballpark on a perfect summer night, watching an excellent game. He also pointed out that we sat through many 6-1 games in April, so we deserved a night like tonight.

The Chiefs played some amazing defense. Center fielder Corey Brown made a spectacular catch to end the top of the 4th. Left fielder Brian Bixler made a similar catch in the 10th. And Matt Antonelli was just amazing at third base all night long.

Our bullpen is going to be tired for tomorrow's doubleheader.

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First Base Coach Wave:
  • Gregor Blanco - huge smile and wave, and tip of his helmet. Even WAER's Eric Cohen was impressed.
  • Michael Aubrey - tipped his hat
  • Seth Bynum - didn't hear us
  • Tug Hulett waved to us without our saying anything.
  • Brad Peacock (in the 12th inning) wasn't sure what to do when he heard us calling, but he smiled.
Fun thing: former Chief Jason Botts plays for Buffalo this year, and played left field tonight. So we called to him every time he came in from the outfield at the end of an inning until he finally acknowledged us with a wave and a smile. He played first base for the Chiefs last year, so Sandee and I cheered for him a lot. We think he's lost weight.
Jason Botts returning to dugout from left field

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