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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Baseball Game or the Circus?

Michael Aubrey's Overstuffed Pockets
 Congrats to Tom Milone and Matt Antonelli for making the International League All-Star Team.

Tonight was the first home game since the All-Star break, and it was great to be back at the stadium. And it was a good game, in spite of the Chiefs losing it 8-6. The new pitcher, Brad Peacock, pitched his first Triple A game tonight. It was a rough outing for him, especially the top of the first. The Chiefs never caught up from the 5-0 deficit. But the fans gave Brad a nice round of applause when he left the game.

ODDITY OF THE NIGHT #1: There seemed to be an awful lot of women with an awful lot of tattoos in attendance at tonight's game. Am I the only one who remembers a time when tattood ladies were found only in the circus?

ODDITY OF THE NIGHT #2: Hitters being hit by pitches. There were at least three. Seemed high to me.

ODDITY OF THE NIGHT #3: Michael Aubrey's overstuff pockets while he coached first base. See the photo if you don't believe me.

JERSEY RAFFLE: Pete Orr's "Throw Back Thursday" replica 1961 Twins jersey from last season. I forgot to take a picture of it. But then, the interns selling the raffle tickets never made it to 207 until the bottom of the 6th.

  • Tug Hulett waved
  • Michael Aubrey tipped his helmet
  • Corey Brown sort of waved. Did it hurt?

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