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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Paw-Sox Pause

I missed the game on July 5, but Sandee was there and told me some funny stuff that happened. Plus we texted back & forth during the game (I was watching on TV). I'll let her blog about that.

Tonight's game against the Paw-Sox went quickly. The Chiefs gave up only 3 hits, but two of them were HRs. Maybe it was the heat, but everything seemed lethargic to me. There weren't as many BoSox fans as I expected, and crowd seemed quite subdued.

Guess who was in the stands?
Former SU Orangeman Preston Shumpert
and family

JERSEY RAFFLE:  Cam-meow. Haven't they run out of those yet?

  • Gregor Blanco (half-hearted wave)
  • Seth Bynum (half-hearted wave)
  • Jesus Flores (he never came out on to the field early enough for us to call to him)

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