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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The Perfect Game

Clouds at the Stadium look like mountains
Columbus Clippers pitcher Justin Germano pitched a perfect game tonight. Twenty-seven men up, twenty seven men down.

TV Stevie noticed the clouds looked like mountains. Chiefs' General Manager John Simone (who visits the Maven almost every game) suggested someone take a picture just as I was retrieving my camera. Several people said, "Salt Lake City" at the same time.

I will recap last Thursday night's game (and WCNY night at the stadium) soon. But tonight's game deserved immediate attention.

Jersey Raffle: Throw-back Thursday

1st Base Coach Wave:
  • Matt Antonelli: looked like he was in pain when he waved to us. Emotional pain. Thanks, Matt.
  • Jesus Valdez: big smile, big wave
  • Carlos Maldonado: big smile, big wave
  • Gregor Blanco: big smile, big wave
Lots of former Yankees on the Columbus team (which is no longer the Yankees Triple A team):
    Nick Johnson at bat
  • Nick Johnson,
  • Shelly Duncan
  • Chad Huffman
And Lee May Junior was coaching first for Columbus -- and he smiled at waved at our greeting.

TV Stevie said he's never seen a perfect game. It was tough, because we like to root for the Chiefs, but a perfect game . . . we've seen a lot of great things at Alliance Bank Stadium this season.

Now, about that perfect game.
Yes, I set up my camera and started recording the final batter of the ninth inning.
Unfortunately, Blogger and the video aren't playing well together tonight, the .avi file won't upload.
Not to mention that
Maybe I can get TV Stevie's footage and post it here later.

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