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Saturday, July 9, 2011

Two Sons, Red Jerseys, and Fireworks

After all the rain the first three months of the season, July is finally baseball weather. Hallelujah!

It was a quiet night at the ballpark, at least during the game. The in-house announcer read the starting line-ups so fast, I missed several Iron Pigs. Doesn't he realize people are writing the info on their score sheets? It always seems like when the line-ups are announced too fast, the national anthem is sung too slowly, which was definitely the case tonight. The woman who sang was fine; she was simply too slow. The National Anthem isn't a dirge, it's a celebration. Be happy!

XG-Man's guest asked me if Iron Pig 2nd baseman Josh Barfield was any relation to former NY Yankee outfielder Jesse Barfield. I was delighted to tell him yes.

And speaking of the Yankees, how about that Derek Jeter and his 2999-3003 career hits today?

But I digress.

QUESTION OF THE NIGHT: What's wrong with this picture?
Both teams in red jerseys is very confusing.
JERSEY RAFFLE: Cam-meow. I teased last night's intern about it. She assured me that tomorrow night's jersey will be pink. Too bad I won't be at the game.

ONE GOOD THING: Carlos Maldonado played tonight! We just love Carlos.

SIGHTING: Jason Grilli, who grew up locally, plays for the Irons Pigs. Altho' he didn't pitch tonight, we did see him several times. We also got to say hi to his dad, Steve Grilli, who is not only a former big league pitcher himself, but also owns the Change of Pace, home of the best wings in town. Steve also does color commentary for the local cable broadcasts of Chiefs games.

  • Tug Hulett grinned and waved
  • Michael Aubrey touched the brim of his helmet and smiled
  • Jesus Valdez (as Sandee predicted last night) gave us a HUGE smile and a big wave.
(After last night's 1st base coaches dissed us, Sandee and I discussed the players who never seem to coach first base -- Jesus Valdez and Chris Marrero specifically -- and wondered how they would react to our greetings. Sandee said they'd probably do exactly what Jesus Valdez did.)

CURIOSITY OF THE GAME: When starting pitcher Yuneski Maya left the game, the pinch hitter was Tom Milone, another starting pitcher! Milone was in the game only to pinch hit for Maya. 

SCARY MOMENT OF THE GAME: Seth Bynum, back from a heel injury, limping and hopping out in shallow left center. Eventually a trainer came out to talk to him. Seth stayed in the game.

The post-game fireworks were fantastic -- even better than they were on the Fourth.

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