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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Team Photo Night

Bernadina Down
Tonight was Team Photo Night. Sandee & I met in the parking lot and went in together to do our thing. We noticed that there weren't as many players available as there were last year, but figured that was because it was a Tuesday night instead of a Sunday afternoon. (This event was rained out this past weekend). Then we noticed the players available were mostly pitchers . . . which is cool. We like pitchers. They were all very nice young men. One got a little snarky with me . . . "oh, you're the ones," when I mentioned we were the ones cheering. He never let me say "from 207, behind 1st base." Pffft.

I asked players who they were, because we couldn't see their numbers while they were sitting at the tables. Some people said, "Me," another responded in Spanish, and one wise guy said, "Charlie Sheen." Yeah. Right. It was all in great fun, though.


  • Jhonatan Solano signed my hat. The fact that Jhonatan was signing meant that Carlos Maldonado was catching. 
  • Adam Fox is back with the Chiefs and I told him how much I enjoyed watching him play ball with his son over in left field after the games. Sandee said Adam's face lit up. I think I mentioned the photos to him. Later, during the game, I asked Tall Mike-the-Assistant GM how I could let Adam know where to find the pix.
  • Brad Peacock. I said, "Brad, we have a bone to pick with you. When you're coaching first base, we call out to you and you ignore us!" He laughed and said that he heard us, but didn't know who it was, but now he knows, so he'll wave back.
As we were walking down the concourse, Sandee saw Carlos over by the bullpen, so we hurried down the stairs, calling his name. The poor man kept walking. We stalked him. But he finally stopped, and we chatted. We told him we're the ones in 207 who always call out and wave to him. He signed my hat and my #48 Batting Practice T-shirt. Carlos is a really big man.
Carlos Maldonado and Jhonatan Solano 

Carlos Maldonado signed my BPT
1st Inning Highlights:
  • 1st base coach - Jeff Frazier. Came out late, so we couldn't say hi.
  • Roger Bernadina hit a 2-run homer.
  • Carlos Maldonado looked right at us and waved when he came on deck. We didn't say a word.

2nd Inning Highlights:
  • 1st base coach - Adam Fox. Came out late, so we couldn't say hi.
  • Carlos Maldonado grinned in our direction when he came to the plate.
  • The Famous Eric Cohen predicted that Carlos would get a hit, and sure enough, he hit a double.

3rd Inning Highlights:
  • 1st base coach Jeff Frazier waved
  • Seth Bynum hit a home run
  • Matt Antonelli hit a home run
  • Back-to-back home runs! 

4th Inning Highlights:
  • 1st base coach Adam Fox came out late so we couldn't say hi.
  • It was observed that Gwynett's outfielders all wore their sox inside their pants, while the infielders wore their sox outside their pants. 

5th Inning Highlights:
  • Carlos hit another double.

6th Inning Highlights:
  • 1st base coach Adam Fox waved.
  • The Gwynett coach was tossed from the game. (We don't know why)
  • A moment later, Roger Bernadina was hit inside his knee. He was down for a while (see photo at top of page)
  • A foul ball bounced off the railing between TV Stevie and XG-Man.
  • The bases were loaded when Carlos came to bat. He struck out. :-(
  • Some guy went butt over teakettle over seats chasing a foul ball.
  • Tommy Milone replaced Adam Fox as the 1st base coach so Adam could pinch hit for the pitcher.
  • Adam Fox hit a grand slam!
  • That cinched our vote for Adam as player of the game.

7th Inning Highlights:

  • 1st base coach: Brad Peacock -- and he waved to us!
  • TV Stevie finally won a jersey in the jersey raffle!

Jess-the-Intern hands TV Stevie his Throwback Thursday Jersey

TV Stevie modeling his jersey.
8th Inning Highlights:

  • The Famous Eric Cohen came back to 207 and told us that he'd seen Adam Fox wave to us then hit the grand slam. He believes they are connected events. We won't argue. He also mentioned that (at this point) the Chiefs had 16 hits. Every man in the line-up had gotten a hit -- except Corey Brown.
  • Suspect caught a Jeff Frazier foul right in front of us (lots of foul balls in 207 tonight).
9th Inning Highlights:
  • Atahualpa Severino managed to load the bases, but struck out the final batter.
  • The Chiefs win!

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