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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Oh What A Night - take 2!!

Oh what a night...what a game!!! Stuck at 2-2 for the longest time - as the radio announcer said "we waited and we waited and we waited..." til the bottom of the 11th inning!!! "Jhonatan Solano's walk off single won the game - 3-2!!!" "It was a dramatic game, to say the least!"

The suspense of the last couple innings kept us on the edge of our seats. I am hoarse from yelling, but will be able to rest up tomorrow, so it's all good ;)

I have to go back to oh what a night (last night), I have some unfinished business...

If you read Molly's blog of last night's game, then you know of the ice cream sandwich man. It was a beautiful thing - it really was. And the timing couldn't have been more perfect - free ice cream sandwiches flying around the stadium on Happiness Happens day - like it was planned!! There is just that one little thing that keeps niggling at my brain...

There were two young boys standing in front of us and one of them caught an ice cream sandwich - the other did not. However, an usher was standing near the boys and HE caught one. The little boy that did not get one looked at the usher with longing in his eyes and a hungry look about him and the usher looked back at the boy, shrugged his shoulders and walked away. I could see him from where I sat and I watched as he leaned again the wall, unwrapped his sandwich and enjoyed his sweet treat. I just have to say (as in "polly want a cracker?") USHER WANT AN ICE CREAM??????????????? For real?? Either his Mom didn't teach him how to share with others or he was really really hungry. Somehow, I think the latter wasn't the case!

That's all I have for tonight - I am exhausted from all the excitement and all the screaming (I mean cheering)!

One last note - I'd like to say that happiness happens when one of your ex-favorite players (by that I mean our favorite first baseman of last year, who now plays for the Buffalo Bisons) waves and gives you a BIG smile AND when your second favorite catcher wins the game in the bottom of the 11th inning by hitting a walk off single AND your favorite pitcher gets the win!

Oh what a night, indeed!!!! Does happen!!

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