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Monday, August 22, 2011

Sharing Tales of the Chiefs

I've just returned from Erie, PA, where I spent time with some baseball fans. Lisa & Chet go to major league games in both Cleveland and Pittsburgh (and elsewhere, too, but those are the closest MLB teams) plus they have a package for 8 games to see the Erie Sea Wolves (which are the Double A team for Toledo Mudhens/Detroit Tigers).

They've never been to a Triple A game, so Chet had some interesting questions: what are the stadiums like (not that I've been to all that many); how many games are played in a season (I had my schedule on me, so we figured around 130) -- things like that.

Then I told them about the two high points of this season: Michael Aubrey's 4 HR game on May 14th, and seeing the perfect game pitched by Justin Germano on July 26. Chet's face filled with awe, as he said in a hushed tone: "I've never seen a perfect game." I stressed how infrequently Michael Aubrey's feat happened, too -- he was the 10th International League player to do it and only 15 major league players have done it, no one has ever done it twice, and no one has ever hit more than four HR in a single game. Chet and I agreed: we'd both love to see an unassisted triple play.

Thanks for the bragging rights, Chiefs!

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