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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Countdown: Three Home Games Left

DATELINE: AUG 26, 2011

Double Header Downer at Alliance Bank Stadium on Friday. We arrived at the top of the 2nd inning of the first game. Sandee texted me that Carlos Maldonado was catching and that Jeff Frazier was playing first.

We found out between games that Chris Marrero was called up to Washington (that's why Fraze was playing 1st). He left around 6:30pm. Good luck, Chris!  You've worked very hard for this moment. We'll miss your bat and your incredible teamwork in the infield.

Carlos Maldonado
at third
We arrived in time to see Carlos Maldonado's first at-bat. He hit a double, and the next batter (Lombardozzi?) advanced him to third. But he never made it home.

We were able to get a very startled wave from Chase Lambin as he trotted in from third base at the end of the second inning. Did he think we'd forgotten him?

Rumor had it (completely UNCONFIRMED rumor) that Strasburg was in the dugout instead of sitting with the other pitchers in the bullpen, because he doesn't like signing autographs. Now, I've read this elsewhere. The Nats have two number one draft picks that drive the media nuts: Strasburg is reluctant and Harper is a hotdog. I read online somewhere that eventually those two should room together in order to even out each other's attitude. But I also read that Strasburg just wants to play ball and all the hoo-ha surrounding him makes him uncomfortable. Completely understandable.

I have coined a new term, and some of the Chiefs' management like it: STRESSburg. Between Strasburg starting on Saturday, and it being a fireworks night, and the Great New York State Fair creating parking issues (due to park-and-ride lots adjacent to stadium), Saturday promises to be a zoo. Good luck to John, Mike, Paul, Erin, and the rest of Chiefs' management.

TV Stevie's Observation of the Game: A foul ball was hit in our direction. A kid chased it and would have caught it except for the empty drink cup in his hand. TV was appalled at the state of our youth. DROP THE CUP TO CATCH THE BALL!

Confusing moment of the game: Third inning of game two. Tug Hulett called out on strikes. Tug didn't agree. He argued. Then he tossed his bat. I mean tossed. Then his helmet. He continued to argue. We were shocked the home plate ump didn't toss him from the game. Then Tug tossed his gloves. His shin/ankle guard. Whoa! Finally the ump tossed . . . Randy Knorr. But we didn't realize this until Tug took his place at third base. We were very happy to see Tug back at third. So happy, in fact, that we voted for him as Player of the Game.

We've spent the past couple of nights asking the interns (with whom we've become friendly over the course of the season) where they go to college and what their plans are for next season. We know now that Jared will be back, working for security. GO JARED!

Celebrity look-alike at the game
Cute kid, but what's
with the
Eddie Munster Hair?
Cleverest fan innovation at the game:
Nobody tripping over this stroller!
First Base Coach Wave
  • Gregor Blanco coached first most of both games. He immediately waved to us. 
  • Jhonatan Solano came in for the last two innings of the first game, and he, too, acknowledged us.
  • Brad Peacock came in for the last two innings of the second game, and he knows to wave to us, too.
Carlos Maldonado Watch
Carlos was very busy during the first game, because he was catching. (And he calls a fine game, too.) During the 2nd game, every time he came out to help warm up a pitcher, he waved and tipped his hat to us. He has a bunch of faithful fans for life now.

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