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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Catching Up

Wow. Seems like forever since I've posted here. I missed two games and two other dates were rained out. Hopefully tonight's rescheduled Team Photo Day will happen.

I never posted my notes from August 9, so here they are:

Maven was again missing. TV Stevie has finally touched base with him. I do hope we'll see him during the final games of the season. Section 207 just isn't the same with out him.

In-game host Dave Anthony 
After in-game host Dave Anthony's first act, he usually stops by Section 207 to chat. He really just wants to use our fabulous drink holder (which is another blog altogether). I did manage to have it ready for him on the ninth.

Miscellaneous game notes: 

  • The two ice cream sandwiches were still in the net behind home plate.
  • Sandee's nickname for Valentino Pascucci caught in with others in the section. He is now somewhat affectionately known as Pistachio.
  • The Barking Home Plate Ump was back.
  • The game went into extra innings -- and we won! YAY!

Jason Botts Watch: He wasn't in the line-up, but he did coach first base and when we shouted out to him, he lifted his helmet and grinned for us. I noticed that he is back on the 7-day DL. Perhaps he asked to be taken off for those two days because he knows he has fans in Syracuse.

Carlos Maldonado Watch: Carlos was in the game! YAY!!!

First Base Coach Wave (besides J-Botts):

  • Tug Hulett grinned for us
  • Brad Peacock dissed us. Completely. If I see that young man tonight . . . 
  • Jhonatan Solano waved
  • Jeff Frazier waved

Rumor of the Night: A-Rod would be at the stadium over the weekend, rehabbing with Scranton-Wilkes-Barre. The logic: he's rehabbing, all of the Yankee minor-league affiliates were on the road, making Syracuse the closest venue to NYC.  Of course, it didn't happen.

That's it for August 9th.

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