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Friday, August 26, 2011

4 Home Games Left ::sniff::

Paw Sox again tonight. We didn't cheer loud enough, so the Chiefs lost.

Scary Moment of the Night: We didn't arrive until the top of the second inning. I went down to our seats while TV Stevie bought dinner for us. OMG, it was a good thing he did. Otherwise, I would have been a widow. A foul ball came at Section 207, barely clearing the top of the rail in front of TV's seat before it bounced off the seat behind TV to land in section 107. Had TV been sitting there, it would have hit him in the head. He would have been there if the guy in line in front of him at the condiments station hadn't taken his time putting relish, honey mustard, and ketchup on his hot dog.

Moment of Zen: Both starting pitchers wore 29 (Brad Meyers and Kyle Weiland)

Curiosity of the Night: 
The staff, not the team, was wearing the throw-back Thursday jerseys. Kind of curious.

Suspect, his daughter, & Scooch
Suspect was there with his baby daughter. They posed with Scooch.
Sandee and Anthony had their grandchildren there, too. I'll let Sandee post those pix.

 Amanda (who is a follower of this blog) came over with her husband (with whom I also used to work) to say hi in the middle of the 4th.

Amanda & Eric Hayden

Irony of the night: The NYS Lotto Mega Million game gave buy-one-get-one free tickets to everyone in a section filled with Red Sox Fans. Hello? What's wrong with that picture? Try: they should be in Massachusetts doing that lottery. As TV Stevie always says about local Sox fans: they support the economy of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, not NY State.

In other baseball news: The Yankees set a new record today:
three grand slams in one game. Wow. I'm sorry I missed it.

Carlos Maldonado Watch: Saw him once but it was too loud to call to him.

Time Warp: In the eighth inning, a group of fans along the 3rd base side were chanting: Let's go Sky-chiefs! Wait! It's Throwback Thursday, so I guess that works.

1st Base Coach Wave:

  • Gregor Blanco was first base coach most of the game. He waved to us in the second inning.
  • Corey Brown. Let me put it this way. I spent several innings composing a limerick, which you can read below.
Guilt Attack: Ryan Tatusko came in to pitch in the 7th inning. I felt a little bad because we ignored him at the picnic last night while we were harassing Brad Peacock.

And now, the moment for which you've all been waiting:

My Limerick

There's always a frown on my face
When Corey Brown coaches first base
He acts like a jerk
with an arrogant smirk
Instead of a player with grace.

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