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Sunday, July 8, 2012

Yankees vs. Mets, Triple A Style

The Chiefs were on the road this weekend, but the Scranton Wilkes-Barre Yankees played two "home" games at Alliance Bank Stadium against the Buffalo Bison, who happen to be the NY Mets Triple A team. So we had a Yankee-Mets match up in Syracuse.

It was fun digging out our Yankee gear to wear to the stadium. John Simone saw me come in on Saturday night and commented that I wasn't in my usual Chiefs/Nats gear.

I didn't take my camera to the stadium for either game. I was just there to hang out and make observations.

On Saturday:
-A Strasburgh "game-worn" jersey was raffled
-TV Stevie's observation immediately following the national anthem: the field looked like a classic old timers day at Yankee Stadium, with #1, #8 etc.
-Corban Joseph still looks like Ellen DeGeneris    (Kevin observed that you never see Ellen and Corban in the same place at the same time)
-The Yankees used the same music as the Chiefs, which was amusing.
-There was organ music instead of the usual music. Shades of old time Yankee Stadium!

It was a lovely night for a ball game. Too bad there were only 100-200 people there.

On Sunday:

A lovely afternoon for a ball game. Even fewer people showed up.

 We were talking to someone in security who made the following observations:
-fans hated the astroturf, so the turf was replaced with grass
-fans hated the scoreboard, the scoreboard was replaced
-fans wanted the Yankees back as the home team
-fans wanted the Mets as the home team
-so where were the fans this weekend?

Other observations:
-new pattern mown into grass
-I misspoke about the pitch speed being missing from the scoreboard. It's there.

TV Stevie and I had our photos taken in our Yankee gear.

Mejia (a Bison pitcher) was hurt and had to be helped off the field. TV Stevie captured it on his Super Phone.

Mejia being helped off the field.

The best part of Sunday's game? The Mouse Delay. TV Stevie took photos. The "action" was also on the big screen.  A mouse ran onto the field. The Yankee SS & 2B (Pena and Joseph) had a heck of a time trying to catch the wee beastie.

Later on, the whole incident was replayed on the scoreboard, complete with "Who Let the Dogs Out."
It was hysterical.

Here's a link to the video, without the music.

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