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Friday, July 6, 2012

July 5, 2012: THE GAME

 Yes, there really was a game buried in all the 14-inning/22 players hype. I believe I mentioned we lost. Not for lack of trying, though.

Item of Note: Carlos Maldonado got on base every single time he was at bat.

  • 3rd inning single (eventually ended up scoring the Chiefs first run)
  • 4th inning walk
  • 5th inning home run to tie the game
  • 7th inning walk
  • 10th inning walk -- offensive substitution took place at this time, with Yuneski Maya coming in to pinch run for Carlos. Sandee and I were both offended by this move.

Carlos, it's great to have you back in Syracuse. Your fan club is ready to cheer. We didn't have our signs last night, but I had my Carlos Maldonado Fan Club T-Shirt, which I held up when that 5th inning ball went sailing over the right field fence.

K-Daddy in his "I Don't Know" On 3rd shirt.

Last night was also game of firsts for the season:

  • Suspect attended his first game. He looks well, as do his sons.
  • Jim Durkin also attended for the first time this season. TV Stevie says he seems to be doing well -- at least well enough to organize a bus strip to Buffalo in August. That would be cool.

Scariest moment of the game: Brett Carroll hurt himself in the 9th. He was hustling to first and went backside over teakettle. It wasn't pretty. He look as if he were in pain for several tense moments. He did eventually walk off the field on his own, but he was done for the night.

Brett Carroll being helped off the field

The new scoreboard shifts innings to the left when there are extra innings. Very cool. There are a lot of great features to the new board that are gradually being introduced. I love it when I look up and see "Wild Pitch" or "Error". Unfortunately, that info appears to have replaced pitch speed. I could be wrong.
Innings 4-12 on the big screen

 Corey Brown was ejected from the game in the 12th.

The most amusing play of the evening: Tanner Roark was called in to play left field in the 13th inning. (He's a starting pitcher). He caught a fly ball for the final out of the inning. He was laughing, his teammates gathered at the stairs of the dugout to congratulate him.

It was nearly midnight when we left the stadium. There were maybe 150-200 fans left by the time the game was over. 94-year-old Don Waful was one.

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