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Friday, July 6, 2012

July 5, 2012: Prologue

The evening started with a buffet for first class season ticket holders held in the Hank Sauer Room. We arrived a few minutes late, and the place was full. TV Stevie ran into someone he knew, so we ended up sitting with them. Which turned out to be fabulous, because I got to sit next to long-time (1971-2006) team president Don Waful.

Molly with Don Waful
The man has so many stories! We had a delightful time.

The team provided players and coaches to mingle with the fans for a little while.

Molly with Eric Komatsu

Molly with Manny Mayorson

Molly with Seth Bynum

Molly with Tony Beasley
The players were all very nice young men. Coach Beasley  is nice man.

Funny moment: TV Stevie took the photo of me with Seth Bynum, and I said, "Thank you, dear." TV is, after all, my husband. I call him "dear" all the time. Seth replied, "No problem." LOL!

The game started. We were still talking with Don Waful, so we missed the first two innings, but I did notice that Carlos Maldonado was playing.

I grabbed a couple of bottles of water and made my way to Section 207 for the rest of the game.

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