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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Independence Day

We were shocked by the number of people at the stadium tonight. TV Stevie thought the heat would keep them away. Wrong. Tonight was probably the largest throng yet this season.

TV Stevie noticed a lot of people wearing fedoras.

There was a kid on a scooter. How did he manage to sneak that into the stadium?

The team wore their "patriotic" jerseys.

Zach Duke takes the mound.
Even Scooch had stars on his shirt tonight.

New between-inning game: assemble the pizza box, sponsored by Peppino's Pizza.

New twist to the Gianelli Sausage Pig Race game: there are now contestants on the field wearing t-shirts the same color as the pigs' tutus. Doesn't the guy in the red t-shirt know he's going to die before the end of the game? Oh. Wait. That's Star Trek . . .


The most patriotic hair style at the game:

Pistachio is still a big guy.

Valentino Pascucci playing 1st Base for Bison

New style in Buffalo?
1st Base Coach has pocket problems

Did Buffalo bring their seamstress to Syracuse?

I love watching the players with their families after the game on the 4th of July.

Players getting ready to watch fireworks with their families.

And best of all?
Carlos Maldonado is back.

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