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Friday, July 13, 2012

No Luck on Everything Irish Night

Thursday was Everything Irish Night at Alliance Bank Stadium. Big crowd.

We arrived during the final innings of the finish of the suspended game from April 10. I took my seat just in time to see Carlos Maldonado at bat. He walked. Some jerk in Section 205 started calling Carlos "Fat Boy." A lot. I was outraged.

Room to talk? I think not.
 Carlos finally shut him up when he hit a double in the bottom of the ninth. Unfortunately, the rest of the team couldn't help him out. The Chiefs lost that game.

The Everything Irish Scoreboard was very cool. The numbers were easy to read on the kelly green background. It's helped a lot since they've started outlining the numbers in black.

Other items of note:

  • Last season, Uber Usher told me the ushers are not allowed to touch foul balls. I guess the rules are different this year. He picked up one and handed it to a child further up in Section 207.
  • Maven is still sitting out of the sun. We miss him.
  • The scoreboard no longer has the Taco Bell logo on the K-Man's picture when he comes to bat. I thought that was very cool when I saw it back when the scoreboard debuted. Perhaps it's a licensing thing. 
  • I hate that one of the scoreboard sponsors has usurped the song Centerfield for their game.
  • Irish music replaced at-bat music for an innng or two. In some cases, it was an improvement.
  • Manny Mayorson made some awesome catches. We voted for him as Player of the Game.
  • Four Chiefs were in the Triple A All-Star Game. There was a neat graphic bragging about that.
  • The team wasn't wearing their Throwback Thursday Jerseys, which I happen to like very much.
  • Some out-of-town visitors came late to the second game and sat behind us, not realizing they were in reserved seating. The peanut shells were annoying, but the people turned out to be okay. They were in town for a high school baseball tournament. We chatted quite a bit. 
  • Suspect brought his daughter to the game. I took a photo of them. 
Suspect's daughter has grown a lot since last year.
  • Koyie Hill's at-bat "music" sounds like a pinball arcade on steroids. Sheesh!
  • We held up our Carlos Maldonado signs every time Carlos came out to warm up the pitcher during the second game. He acknowledged us. Even TV Stevie noticed it. 
  • Someone behind us with a Hispanic Accent started shouted out things just like Suspect. The two of them finally got together. It was hysterically funny (if a tad annoying).
Suspect and Spanish Suspect. 
TV Stevie and I left the game at the bottom of the 10th inning. There was no score. We listened to the end on the radio. Chiefs lost in the 14th inning on a controversial play.

If it was Everything Irish Night, where was the Luck?

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