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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

The Traveling Wilkes-Barres

This past weekend the Scranton Wilkes-Barre Yankees played two "home" games at Alliance Bank Stadium. They now have three days off for the All Star Break, then are back in Syracuse for 4 games -- two as the visiting team, two more as the home team.

TV Stevie and I wondered what it must be like for those players who have no home field and no homes this year. Former Chief and now former SWB Yankee Matt Antonelli (he was released by the Yanks in early July) discussed this state of homelessness with Jason Benetti during the last SWB/Syracuse series. Very enlightening insight to a summer on the road.

Mike Waters from the Syracuse Newspapers wrote an article about it on Monday, July 9. In the article, Mike listed the things the players miss about not having a home stadium. One of the items was "batting music," something I'd written here in my recap of the weekend games.

The SWB Yanks used the Chiefs batting music on Saturday: Corban Joseph used Jarrett Hoffpauir's tune; Pena used Rivero's; Cole Garner used Corey Brown's crap. Some of that changed on Sunday -- I heard Good Vibrations and Hotel California in the mix.

If I were Boss of Baseball, I would make a CD for the SWB Yankees and send it to each ballpark in which the team plays "home" games so the players could have their own music. How difficult would that be? No, I don't know the logistics of how the music is played back in the stadiums, so maybe I'm just whistling through my baseball cap about a simple CD. But if a little thing like music means so much to the players, why not do what can be done to make a trying situation even a little more tolerable?

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