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Thursday, May 24, 2012

They're Baaaaack

The Chiefs are back home in Alliance Bank Stadium . . . without Carlos Maldonado, who is still in Washington.

Just a few quick notes on tonight's game against the Columbus Clippers (which the Chiefs won 13-4):

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  • Jhonatan Solano is off the DL and caught tonight's game.
  • Jason Michaels is on the restricted list.
  • Matt Chico (a pitcher from last year) is playing in the Can-Am League
  • Matt Antonelli was picked up by the Yankees and assigned to Scranton Wilkes-Barre, so we may see more of him. His Throwback Thursday jersey from last year was raffled off tonight.
  • The scoreboard operators have finally settled on a spelling of Xavier Paul's first name.
  • Problems with the sound system tonight: no audio on the commercials or music between innings.
  • Carlos Rivero's Lambinitis seems to have abated.
  • The Columbus uniforms were very odd tonight: gray top, tan bottoms.

Gray top, tan bottom
I saw my cousin's wife early on in the game. We spoke for a moment, but she was with someone who had a baby and they were worried about sitting in the first row behind the dugout (as well they should have), so they were going up higher. But the whole gang appeared to be there, and several stayed down front:

The scoreboard operators have started outlining the numbers, which make them easier to read. They're also having a lot of fun with the board's capabilities.

The Chiefs bats were hot tonight. There were two home runs. Everything else were singles, doubles, and one triple. 

When it came time to vote for player of the game, it was a toss up between Corey Brown and Seth Bynum. They each had three hits: a home run and a single in common, but Corey Brown's incredible triple in the 7th inning outweighed Seth Bynum's double in the 3rd.

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