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Sunday, May 20, 2012

Radio Games

Intersting to listen to the games on the radio.  Not the same as being there, by any means, but the announcers do provide some insider information that we aren't privy to while watching a game.

Chiefs won tonight!  Took the Toledo MudHens 8 to 5 and it was touch and go - made for exciting listening.  I wonder sometimes if my neighbors can hear my hoots, cheers and whistles - and if so, if they wonder what we are up to ;)  We are avid baseball fans - makes sense to me!

Brad Eldred (sigh), former Chief's player, now plays for Toledo.  Bottom of the 9th (Toledo at bat), two outs, score 8-5 in our favor - enter Brad Eldred - also known as "Big Country" (and very appropriate, I might add)...the announcer said "the worst Big Country can do is make it 8-6.  WELL, thanks to Josh Wilkie, Big Country went down with three strikes.  YOU'RE OUT!!!!!  It's okay, Molly and I will always have a soft spot for you BC ;)

Speaking of Josh Wilkie (have I mentioned before that he is my favorite pitcher?  and that I have one of his hats that he wore all season?)  Anyway, JW has pitched in 15 games so far this season and has a 321 era.  He's walked 4 and struck out 12 to date.  The strike stats changed tonight!  According to the announcer Josh is "one of the most releable pitchers in the bull pen" - I concur!!  YEAH JOSH WILKIE!!!!!

So let's talk about Corey Brown for a minute...Molly's all time fav (hehe, wink, wink).  The Chiefs have had 5 intentional walks on the year and the interesting thing about that is...they have ALL been on Corey Brown!!  Corey has a 1.76 ground out to fly out ratio, that being conducive to double plays.  Ha!  The MudHens just couldn't take that chance - and rightly so!! 

Looking forward to getting back out to the ball park on Thursday.  Gonna have to frame my Carlos Maldonado posters in my office or something.  If he ever comes back to us, we'll bring them out again.  Happily, I might add.  Oh how I miss Carlos!!  I wonder if he misses us?  I did message Carlos and congratulated him on being called up to the bigs and mentioned that his Syracuse fan club misses him already.  He responded with "hear it thanks greet the fans love them."  Oh, Carlos, we love you, too!  Right Molly??

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