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Sunday, May 27, 2012

An Enjoyable Presidential Race

The Racing Presidents are in town for the holiday weekend.

These characters are from the Washington Nationals, but they are not mascots. The Nats' mascot is Screech, a bald eagle. The presidents --  George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln, and Teddy Roosevelt -- are just great fun.

And they're off! (Entering stadium from old bullpen)

I thought Teddy had won, but according to the stadium announcer,
the winner was "George, by a nose."

The Presidents were very active: running through the stands, getting involved in the between-innings promotions, and dancing with Scooch & Pops during the 7th inning.They were an entertaining distraction from a less-than-riveting game.
Teddy Roosevelt

Abe Lincoln

George Washington

I didn't take any decent shots of Tom Jefferson, although he's probably my favorite US President (based on the perfectly silly reason that I loved his character in the musical "1776".) TV Stevie took a lot more photos that he's promised to share with me. 

And oh yeah. There was a baseball game happening during all of this. 
  • Corey Brown was player of Friday's game (as Sandee & I voted)
  • We voted for Carlos Rivero as Saturday's player of the game. He started a seventh inning rally that at least got the Chiefs on the board so the score was no longer a humiliating 9-0.
  • The jersey raffle featured Brad Peacock's Throwback Thursday jersey.
Other things we've noticed that are different this year:
  • No MLB scoreboard in right field. Perhaps the proliferation of smart phones makes it obsolete?
  • The ushers have been staying a lot later.
Final score: 9-6. Good effort by the Chiefs, but no cigar.

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