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Monday, May 7, 2012

Disappointing Delays

Tonight was supposed to be the premiere of the new, long-awaited scoreboard. One of the local news stations commented that the old scoreboard was already outdated when the stadium opened 16 or so years ago.

I believe it.

TV Stevie and I drove through the gentle rain to the stadium. No one was stationed to take money for parking. That was our first clue.

The red carpet was wet.
Wet carpet
The ticket-takers were at the top of the stairs.

The tarp was on the field.
Tarp on field
Here's the scoreboard with the Chief's logo as seen through the net behind home plate.

The game was postponed until tomorrow night, when they will attempt a double-header beginning at 5pm. 

Durham always brings rain with them. Last year, a game was "lost to the schedule" because they travel to Syracuse only once and Syracuse travels to Durham only once.

So the premiere of the scoreboard has been delayed.

But that's not the only premiere that was delayed. Sandee & I had big plans. Stay tuned.

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