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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Scoreboard Debuts

It rained all day, clearing up just before game time. I took my baseball clothes to the DayJob with me and changed there, as tonight's double-header started at 5pm.

I missed the debut ceremony of the new scoreboard. I missed starting line ups. I missed 1 and half-innings of the first game.

I was drying off my seat when Carlos Maldonado was announced as the next batter.

Carlos Maldonado on the big screen
I cheered like crazy, Carlos hit a double with an RBI. A sacrifice bunt by Seth Bynum took Carlos to third and a single by JJ Johnson brought him home. 

The Chiefs won the first game 4-2. Zach Duke, the Chiefs' pitcher, had a fine outing.

Comments about the new scoreboard:
  • Maven finds the numbers difficult to read. They're smaller and white against gray, so the contrast isn't as sharp as it could be. 
  • During the first game, when Carlos came up to bat in the 4th inning, K-Daddy wondered about his batting average. No stats were posted during the first game. No history, either -- tonight this batter did this type of info. This was corrected during the second game.
  • The Alliance Bank Stadium sign over the scoreboard now looks old and tired. 
I finally broke down a couple of weeks ago and bought a real scorebook. I broke it out tonight for the second game. Learning all the symbols etc. is a challenge for me. 

I lost the jersey raffle (Craig Stammen Throwback Thursday) by 1 ticket. 

Things didn't go as well for the Chiefs in the second game, but the Chiefs still had a chance in the bottom of the seventh. Jason Michaels was walked with two outs. The manager then subbed Negrych for Bynum. Carlos Maldonado was in the on-deck circle, so apparently he was going to sub for the "new" catcher, Jeff Howell. Carlos is hitting .250, whereas Howell's batting average is .053.

The new scoreboard is going to be fun with Sandee and my new project. I can't wait until we're at games together again!

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