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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Never Dare A Duke

I stole the title of this blog from a novel written by my good friend Gayle Callen.

Why? Because Zach Duke pitched for the Chiefs tonight, and he pitched an awesome game. It looked as if he'd go the full game, but he gave up a two-run home run in the top of the ninth. He left the game to a standing ovation. Sandee and I voted for him as Gold Star Player of the Game. It was a beautiful game.

The Chiefs won 8-4. It had been 8-0 until that 2-run homer. Gotta love comfortable lead like that.

The bottom of the 1st and the bottom of the 8th were the best two innings of the game. It was beautiful to watch.

Lots of people at the stadium. We saw people we know as we approached the gate to enter and the parade never ended. I leaned over to say something to Sandee and saw former co-worker Rich Isome sitting behind me. Always nice to see Rich.
Rich Isome
A little while later, Danny-the-Usher came up to us and asked TV Stevie if he remembered Bob Boone, "19 years a catcher!" Steve definitely remembered Bob from his years with the Phillies. Then Danny told us that Bob Boone is now Nationals Assistant GM/VP of Player Development. And guess where he was tonight?
Section 105, Alliance Bank Stadium, checking out the farm.

Bob Boone
Tough to realize there are only seven more home games.

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