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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Double Your Pleasure, Double Your Fun

Double header tonight, to make up for last night's rain out.

TV Stevie & I arrived between games. The first game was fast -- I listened to it on the computer. 1-0 Chiefs on a Sandy Leon HR. Unfortunately, the Chiefs lost the 2nd game.

Once again, we overheard the ushers telling people with General Admission tickets they could sit anywhere in the 200 sections.  There is something seriously wrong with that scenario.

When TV Stevie went to purchase our dinner -- quesadilla -- he learned they were phasing out the two tortilla quesadilla for a one tortilla quesadilla. Really? With only eight home games left?

Carlos Maldonado changed his batting music. It was  'Rompe' by Daddy Yankee. Need to find out the new one. It would be nice to see the players' batting music titles/artists on the Big Board.

Still no Jason Michaels coaching first base, so we've returned to last years habit of saying hi to whatever player happens to be coaching. Tonight, Chris Marrero and Jesus Valdez acknowledged us.

Kayla Garcia, fan of this blog, stopped by Section 207 to say hi. It was nice catching up with her since she graduated from college.

New on the Big Board tonight: Chiefsville Citizen of the Game. Sandee & I were devastated that we were bypassed for this honor. We're there almost every night. There are eight home games remaining. Perhaps our day (or night) will come.

Noticed two other things on the Big Board tonight. The time has moved to the left of the inning numbers, and pitchers warming up in the bullpen are "announced" during play, along with their stats. In the past, when the pitcher came in from the bullpen his stats were flashed. I like this much better. We don't have to guess who's up tossing the ball (altho' we're pretty good at recognizing the players from a distance).

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