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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

In other news:

Learned at the ballpark last night:

Atahualpa Severino has been designated for assignment.

Seth Bynum has been sent to AA Harrisburg.

Other items of note from last night's game:

The Chiefs won game 1 of the double-header, lost the second. We left early. Had I stayed, perhaps I could have worked with Sandee and cheered in that tying run in the top of the 7th (The Chiefs were the visitors)

It was also Noche de Beisball Latino, with several messages from the Spanish-speaking players on the Big Board. The team wore the same uniforms as last year. We are not fond of these uniforms.

The clock has been moved off the Big Board and onto the old Pitch Speed  display, along with the temperature. That was kind of cool. The spot on the Big Board formerly occupied by the time is now an advertisement, but is still used for pitch speed, error announcements, wild pitch, etc.

I really like that if an inning is going kind of long, the Big Board will periodically remind the fans who's on what base.

When Carlos Maldonado came to bat, we noticed all of his stats were zeroed out. Was his history of this season wiped out when he was designated for assignment? If so, that stinks.

Between games, the Big Board played Teammates in a Glove with Greg Booker (pitching coach). Unfortunately, the audio was so low, we couldn't understand 80% of what was said. Suggestion: put an identifying super (that's my old TV talk coming) over the subject's photo. But I digress. Booker says 'Los is one of the top 5 players he's ever coached, and 'Los can play for him anytime. 'Los, of course, being Carlos Maldonado.

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