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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Foul Balls

I missed four games -- Friday thru Monday -- because I was out of town. But TV Stevie was there, as were Sandee & Anthony and others. Lots of folks stopped by to say "hi" to me last night. Sandee tells me she took lots of notes and will get them up when she has two minutes to breathe.

The team goes on the road again today and won't be back until September 1, when they'll play two games against Rochester. That will be it from ABS this season. The final game will be in Rochester. Sandee & Anthony plan to go.

Last night was "Italian" night at the stadium. There were a lot of people. The players photos were on an "Italian" background on the Big Board.

Corey Brown doesn't look any happier in Italy
than he does in Syracuse
I had to ask people to move out of my seats when I arrived. I don't get it. The ushers know we're season ticket holders. The ushers know it's unlikely we won't be at the game. Even when I was out of town, TV Stevie brought guests to the games. Yet I have to ask people to move from my seats at least once a week.

I tracked down a foul ball. It was pretty funny because it bounced all over the place. XGman and his wife were certain it was under their seats and kept looking for it. I picked it up as it rolled under TV Stevie's seat and very nonchalantly held it up. In the meantime, the ushers, the XGmen, and lots of others were still looking for the ball. 

A child behind me wanted the ball, and when he didn't get it, he started crying. So the ushers converged on me. Yes, the same people who allow strangers to sit in my paid-for seats decided that not only must I ask interlopers to move from my seats myself, but I also have to give up my foul ball to a little kid who's crying. They were pretty insistent. I believe Sandee used the word "browbeat."

Okay, lest you think I'm a big mean adult, I didn't realize the kid was going for the ball, nor did I realize he was that upset. He was behind me, and in spite of the myth, Mommies really do not have eyes in the back of their heads. We just tell our children that when they're young.

So I gave the kid the ball. No biggie. I gave one to Sugarpie a few weeks ago. I have one fouled off by Carlos Rivero on Mother's Day (some kid tried to sweet talk that one away from me, but I wasn't giving it up. TV Stevie chased it down for me.) Last night's kid was very nice, said thank you a couple of times,and even posed for me. I'm not an ogre. And now maybe the kid will grow up to be a baseball fan.

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