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Sunday, August 5, 2012

Designated For Assignment

Carlos Maldonado where are you?  So I read that Carlos has been designated for assignment...

Designated for assignment is a contractual term used in Major League Baseball. When a player is designated for assignment, he is immediately removed from the club's 40-man roster. This gives the club 10 days to decide what to do with the player while freeing up a roster spot for another transaction, if needed. After designating a player for assignment, the club must either:
(a) return the player to the 40-man roster within 10 days from the date of designation, or (b) make one of the following contractual moves:
  • Place the player on waivers (which can only be done within the first 7 days of the 10-day period)
  • Trade the player
  • Release the player
This makes me very sad.  He HAS been removed from the 40 man roster (he's not there, I looked) and in my opinion, this is a travesty!  CLEARLY when Carlos plays - the Chiefs win!!!  I will have a very difficult time cheering for another catcher.  Ten whole days???????????  What must Carlos be thinking?  I know what I'm thinking.  Pretty sure I know what Molly is thinking too.  WE WANT CARLOS BACK!!!!!

Last week a random fan said to me "you must really like Carlos" (I probably should mention that I was cheering for him and holding up my Carlos Maldonado autographed photo).  I said yes, I do!  He asked why I like him so much and I said because he's a very nice guy.  He said you like him that much just because he's a nice guy?  I replied with, well, he's a very good player too, but I happen to know that he is a very nice man. 

So Carlos, wherever you are right now, know that your Fan Club is still cheering for you and you will always be our favorite catcher - wherever you are.  As Co-President of the the CMFC, I'm sure Molly will agree!

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