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Tuesday, April 10, 2012



It started out overcast. TV Stevie was supposed to meet me at the stadium around seven (the game started at 6). I arrived early enough to check last night's player of the game (Tyler Moore, the player for whom Sandee voted) and to get some food.

Tonight I opted for the Sidewinder. It is NOT for those who are watching their weight.
The Sidewinder Burger Platter
It is a burger, topped with cheese and a sausage patty. It all rests on lettuce, tomato and red onion. I pulled off the tomato. It comes nestle in a "basket" of fries. It was too much for me to eat, but it was delicious.

The jersey raffle was Ryan Tatusko's Throwback Thursday. I bought 10 tix and missed by 3. Rats. 

The best part of tonight was learning Carlos Maldonado would be catching the game. 

The Bryce Harper Report:
2nd - popped out to left field
4th - hit to the pitcher who threw to first.

The Corey Brown Report
1st - struck out
3rd - walked

Maven and I were talking before the game. He said that most of the players are from South America or the southern US and aren't used to Syracuse weather. They're probably out there thinking, "Why are those people here? We have to be; they don't." I replied, "Maybe you don't." Maven smiled. "You're right," he admitted. Then he said something very profound: "If you understand, no explanation is necessary; if you don't understand, then no explanation is possible."  

Carlos waved to me at the top of the 2nd, then to Sandee while waiting for the 5th to begin.

Carlos Maldonado watching the ground crew
spread Diamond Dry in an attempt to get in a fifth inning.
The K-man (Brandon Laird) struck out in the 2nd. 

A fan sitting right behind the dugout was hit in the head with a foul ball. He was completely oblivious that the ball was coming toward him. People don't realize how dangerous the stands can be in baseball.

Maven and I actually spoke of many things as the rain increased, but the players kept playing. He asked me if I followed hockey and I told him that we'd gone to the home opener this year, but I felt like I was trapped in a pinball machine. He asked why, so I explained about the puck zinging behind the goal, all the lights and whizzing sound effects. He thought it was an interesting analogy and said I should be a writer or a commentator or something. I told him I am a writer. 

We also talked about catchers. I've had a fondness for catchers ever since Thurman Munson. Maven claims that many major league teams keep their 2nd best catcher in Triple A because they want them to play. An interesting idea that makes a lot of sense. I told him how we explained to X-Chromo's friend that catchers are the most important player on the team.

I also explained to him that Sandee, Anthony, and I are the Carlos Maldonado Fan Club. He said, "It must be exclusive." I replied, "Very."

There really wasn't much action on the field except for outfielders losing their grips on wet balls. Mark Teahen singled then stole second in the 3rd, , but the Chiefs didn't score.

At least one, maybe two errors in the fourth put two runs on the board for the Yankees. It was just too wet to play, and I started worrying that someone would get hurt.

Before the fifth inning could start (and lots and lots of Diamond Dry later), the game went into rain delay.
They drew the jersey raffle. Did I mention I missed by three tickets?
The tarp is down
I decided to call it a night, as did Sandee and Anthony. I ran into the famous Eric Cohen on the way out. He'd been high & dry in the broadcast booth. 

I didn't vote for player of the game, but for the innings played, my vote would go to Mark Teahen for his single and stolen base.

According to the Chiefs website, the game was eventually suspended. Since the Empire State Yankees will be playing home games against the Chiefs at Alliance Bank Stadium this weekend, it'll be easy enough to make up the innings.

But as Sandee & I discussed as we were packing up our wet things, most of the April games last season were like tonight. Yes, the previous games have been cold, but they've also been dry. We lucked out.

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